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Twin XL High Basic Bed
1060 XL NS

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The 1060 XL forms the base of our High height bunk bed. 1000 XL Basic Bed Low stacks on top to complete the look.

“High” refers to the height of the bed ends - measuring 40.5”, this raises the top bunk higher, creating more clearance between top and bottom bunks. 3.5 ft of underbed space allows teens + adults to sit up comfortably.

Option to use as is for a perfectly functional twin XL bed. *Please note High bed ends do not have pre-drilled holes for guardrails, and therefore cannot be used in a raised bed configuration.

Pair with underbed storage drawers to help keep rooms tidy, or trundle bed, perfect for hosting accommodating overnight guests.


Length: 84

Width: 42.5

Height: 40